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Paratrooper estate Fallschirmjäger Regiment 3

Paratrooper estate to Karl Rauscher FallschirmJäger Regiment 3. Large estate with lots of passes and documents, the set consists of:
1. Luftwaffe ground assault badge award document 08.05.1944
2. Luftwaffe gorund assault badge Gustav Brehmer with very nicely preserved silver plating.
3. Wound badge in black document 31.5.1944
4. Steel Wound badge in black in worn condition
5. Cloth paratrooper badge in very good condition
5. EKM that came with the set
6. 2x Wounded tag with Rauscher his name, unit and other basic information.
7. Some paperwork about his study on business
8. Death card from his brother SS Grenadier Kurt Rauscher
9. NSFK flight booklet + NSFK Workshop booklet
10. Letter about sending the award documents over to the soldiers father(because Karl is wounded in the hospital)
11. DAF booklet
12. Some other paperwork, news articles and other documents about Karl his life.

Karl was wounded in May 44 and was attached to Fallsch.Jg. Ers.u. Ausb. Rgt. 3, Verdun/Frankr. This unit was a mix of other FJ units that were regrouped. Some of their soldiers game from the Normandy battlefield and were later deployed in the Netherlands during and after Market Garden.
Interesting set that allows for more research.

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shipped in 1-3 days
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